Jonathan Koren

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Originally from Southern Illinois, Jonathan grew up in the middle of nowhere with a corn field literally less than 100 feet (30 meters) from his bedroom window; yet he did not grow up on a farm. Upon moving to the West Coast and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time, he realized that he had reached the end of the world, and his own personal Manifest Destiny had come to an end.

He graduated with a BS in computer science in 1998 from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He later earned an MS, also from SIU, in 2005 under Dr. Norman F. Carver III, with whom he conducted research on multiagent coordination in distributed sensor interpretation networks. He later studied personalized faceted search with Dr. Yi Zhang in the Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management Lab (IRKM Lab) at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Jonathan currently leads the machine learning team for Pocket at Mozilla.

Jonathan enjoys out of market baseball and espresso based drinks. He also enjoys graduating from universities with unusual mascots, and referring to himself in the third person. He thinks it makes him sound cool — and it does.


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Movie Faceted Search Dataset
This dataset contains faceted metadata describing contemporary American films, along with relevance judgements by actual human users. This dataset can be used for developing personalized faceted searcg interfaces, among other projects requiring rich, structured metadata. This dataset was used for the experiments presented at WWW 08.